Hello World

This is not a typical Hello World post as you have probably seen while getting familiar with new technologies or software languages… I, the software engineer, am literally saying hello to the world with this short post. My first post ever…


I have been recently inspired by Maciej Aniserowicz to start an open source project and start blogging about it. As simple as that. Yet. I  am confident about my engineering skills so the first part of the challange is not that challenging (assuming I have a vision behind the project). Yet the second part truely means getting away of my comfort zone…

What’s next

On weekly basis I will be posting updates about the project I have decided to undertake. My vision is not to focus there on explaining changes I have done to the code but rather on the design concept, new technologies, fancy frameworks, tools or libs I will be taking advantage of…

Here’s the project’s github repository.

Talk to you later!



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